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Piers Faccini

Piers Faccini

  • Folk


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Ville d'origine London, Angleterre


Piers Faccini is an English singer songwriter and painter. He was born in London to an Italian father and an English mother. Faccini studied painting at the Beaux Arts in Paris in the early 90’s before first appearing on the music scene in London in 1996 co-founding the band Charley Marlowe with the poet Francesca Beard.  He has released seven albums, Leave No Trace (2004) produced by Vincent Segal, Tearing Sky (2006) produced by Jp Plunier, Two Grains of Sand (2009) My Wilderness (2011) Between Dogs & Wolves (2013)  Songs Of Time Lost (with Vincent Segal 2014) and I Dreamed An Island (2016)

Faccini has recorded and collaborated over the years with numerous musicians and singers including Ballake Sissoko, Vincent Segal, Ben Harper, Rokia Traore, Dawn Landes and Ibrahim Maalouf amongst others.

As well as producing his own albums, Faccini has also produced several albums for other artists, most notably Ela by Brazilian cellist and singer Dom La Nena, Northern Folk by Jenny Lysander and Terre de Mon Poeme by Yelli Yelli. In 2012 he started up his own label Beating Drum, specializing in the production of bespoke and hybrid physical objects that bridge music, art and writing such as the 2013 book/cd 'Songs I love' or the 2016 book/cd ‘No one’s here’.